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Post  Chris_Rebel on Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:04 pm

1.He banned me for money hacks when Ludo was giving me money.He should teleport to me and then ask.I DON'T HACK
2.He teleports every minute cause someone always steals his car or because he want to kill someone
3.He kicked 2 players in a row.At reason he said: OOC IC no teleport at rl.They weren't teleport
4.I tried to talk him but he blocked whispers then (he believes that I hack) he saw my money (it was 4 mil at my new acc cause the other deleted by Jimmy (I wanted)) Jimmy gave me the money at my new acc then Ferry took them cause he though that I hack.He disabled the OOC and I couldn't talk him.
5.I want him out of admin he is not good !

I lost my acc and all the stuff !!
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