Need your donations for server costs.

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Need your donations for server costs. Empty Need your donations for server costs.

Post  Jimmy_Hernandez on Sat Apr 05, 2008 8:19 pm

You all know, the server became 24/7, but to keep the server 24/7 we need YOUR support! With the money of the donating service we make our server even more better!
If you donate, you will get a Premium Account containing the following:

Your Interest Rate (for each PayDay payment) goes up.
Your Gas Can (from /get fuel) will be saved into your account.
You can block Whispers.
You can turn your Phone on / off.
You spawn with full health.
You can quit a job at 1 hour played, instead of 5.
You are able to get better house cars.
You will receive your saved weapons on login and after using /tv.
Every 5 PayDay's you have you'll get an extra Respect Point.
If you use /buylevel and you have more Respect Points then the level costs, you will get them back to advance youself to the process of the next level.
On every PayDay, you will get your normal PayCheck, plus half of it as a Bonus.
x You get one level for FREE
You get a free $25.000,-

We have 2 options to donate:

To donate using Paypal: click the following link Click here to donate

It might be in Dutch, so here's a little translation:

Inloggen Log in
HEBT U AL EEN Do you already have a paypal account?

E-mail: E-mail
Wachtwoord: Pass

Uw e-mailadres of wachtwoord? Your email or password
Open een PayPal-rekening Create a PayPal account
Land: Country
Voornaam: Firstname (Real, offcourse)
Achternaam: Lastname (Real, offcourse)
Creditcardgegevens Creditcard details
Kaartnummer: Creditcard number

BetalingstypeSelecteren Select type of payment
VisaMasterCard VisaMasterCard
Vervaldatum: Date of expire
Kaartbeveiligingscode:Wat is dit? Cardsecuritycode: What's this?
Adresregel 1 factuuradres: Adress 1
Adresregel 2 factuuradres: Adrress 2 (Optional)
Postcode: Postcode
Woonplaats: City: For example: London
Telefoon thuis: Phonenumber home
E-mail: E-mail

Translated by Jimmy Hernandez.

Online Banking

Just follow this steps:

You call how much money you want to send, the more money you send, the more advantage you get!
Send the money to the next accountnumber:

Accountnumber: 97 50 72 803
Name: Wolfs N
Bank: Fortis Bank

You stay a donated member FOREVER if you donate more then 5,- / $5,- Otherwise it's 1 euro/dollar/pound a month.
If you have sent the money, just send a message to me and i will make you a donated member, because of the delay in the transaction (and you want to be a donating member immediately, right?)

I hope you guys will help us surviving this.

Jimmy Hernandez
Wild West RP Server + Forum Administrator
Fort Carson Police Department Sheriff [Leader]
Abondoned Airport Leader + Leader of the AA Stunt-Team.
Member of the [ET] Event Team.

Need your donations for server costs. Blue2

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