Lars for Mayor! Vote Lars!

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Lars for Mayor! Vote Lars! Empty Lars for Mayor! Vote Lars!

Post  Lars_Berg on Tue Apr 22, 2008 10:22 pm


Hello, people!
I want to introduce my self: Well, I am Lars, Lars Berg!
Origing from Dillimore, I became police there, then I get replaced to Fort Carson.
I have a beautifull live there. Lots of friends!
And than I thougt: "I want to do some thing more, I have a beautifull idea for this city!".

So what I want to do at Fort Carson:
1. More people! This city have to bigger. But we don't want to loose that "oldy" Western look!
2. I also want to have a good addres (( Forum )) where people/citiziens can put his/her ideas!
3. I also needs some help *uhmuhm* people who can help me will also get payed!
4. When someone stop me, I will also help them!
5. I will all ways do my best!
6. The NG/FBI/F[ort]C[arson]-PD/D[illimore]-PD and other factions have to get more money!
7. The people who don't have work, must be payed from some special money! But they have to proof they can't work for an special reason.
8. People have to find a job better! Because lot of people can't find a job.

Well, greetings, Lars!

Lars Berg


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Lars for Mayor! Vote Lars! Empty Re: Lars for Mayor! Vote Lars!

Post  Tacho_Tona on Wed Apr 23, 2008 9:37 am

You dont want much,

What would you do for the city?

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