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Post  Jimmy_Hernandez on Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:19 pm

Our community is growing by the days now, but if we want to keep our 50 player slots server, we have to get close near the 50 player limit, otherwise it will go back to 40 Player slot, this is a deal we made with our host, GTA-Host.

So, if you like this server and if you are able to come this sathurday:

Come this Sathurday to the WildWest RP server, at 19:00 Server Time!
Take all your FRIENDS with you please, also if it's just for once, take them with you this sathurday!

We HAVE to get close the 50 players!
Much respect for you, from me if you come this sathurday in the game with your friends!

Okay, to achieve these players online, we will do a lot of events that evening.
Please give some suggestions about events here (News / Announcements Section), and they will be added in the list.

We will choose 2 ADMINS from the players who are online at that time.
Stunt-Team tests + Stunt-Show at the Abondoned Airport.
Cycling matches.
Gun Drawings [Wild West eh ]
Maybe some faction/mafia tests?

And ehh, we might give all players who are online at that time some money clown.

Jimmy Hernandez
Wild West RP Server + Forum Administrator
Fort Carson Police Department Sheriff [Leader]
Abondoned Airport Leader + Leader of the AA Stunt-Team.
Member of the [ET] Event Team.

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