Script improved by GC-RP Scripting Team

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Script improved by GC-RP Scripting Team Empty Script improved by GC-RP Scripting Team

Post  Jimmy_Hernandez on Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:44 am

The Script team has listened to your suggestions: What has been made?

/drag Command: Scripted by Tom_Vinnioni
/rentcar for 1/2 of civilian cars: Scripted by Tom_Vinnioni
Admins get blue color when they are ON Admin Duty: Scripted by Tom_Vinnioni
/duty for cops fixed, offduty skins added, more PD skins added: Scripted by Tom_Vinnioni
2 mafia's added, 2 gangs removed: Scripted by Max_Jameson
Player Owned Bar: Scripted by Nicky_Andrews
News Fixed: Scripted by Nicky_Andrews

Things going to be added real soon:

- When you have a big crash, so your car losses very much health at once, you will be frozen into your car untill a Mechanic/Fireman helps you out.
[When there aren't Mechanics/Fireman's online you have got to wait 5 min. so watch your driving].
- You can get the flu at a random time, that means you get ill.
Only drugs or medical threatment can solve this, when you are ill you can just do everything but you will lose health more quick.
- You can erase the name above your head with a command, in this way you can get undercover or something. Cuz people always metagame, also when they just don't show it that clearly.
- Houses.

Well done team!

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Script improved by GC-RP Scripting Team Blue2

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