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Green lacoste Rules [IC] Empty Green lacoste Rules [IC]

Post  Nicholas_Corozzo on Sun May 11, 2008 3:13 pm


1: Never shoot at your own family.. (will be kicked)
2: Listen to what the Leader say's.. (Nicholas_Corozzo)
3: Never shoot at your alliance. (Get warned)
4: Never say the leader's or your name to other Gang's or people.
5: Drug Dealing
6: When you have to go always set the car's back where you took it. (Or else the car's will be gone when the other members need it)
7: If the leader say's "stop" you have to stop! (Do that many time you will be kicked)
8: Only shoot on other gang's if you have a reason..
9: Never write to other they can join because they can't.. (Ask me first or show them the webside for Apply)
10: Never show civillian's the Family/gang HQ.
11: If PD is on our HQ, get them away. (Dont say "fuck off" or call them something stupid on our HQ. say "Please go away from here" or ask
12: Always talk English to eachother Very Happy ( You can be Warned )

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