Some OOC/IC help, Metagame help and some RP Tips

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Some OOC/IC help, Metagame help and some RP Tips

Post  Chris_Rebel on Tue May 20, 2008 9:02 pm

As I want all my Mafia's mebers to know how to RP I started this topic Very Happy
A1 is the one that knows RP and A2 is the one that learns Razz
A2:Man.. What the hell is the OOC and the IC ?
A1:Simply... OOC means OutOfCharacter and IC means InCharacter. But.. do you know what are they ?
A1:Wow... really ?
A2:No.. just a joke.
A1:Huh... No more jokes.. please...
A1:Right... Let's start with IC

IC is like the "chat" in you real life(real life=RL).
I mean...let me explain with an example. What would you say to your friend (RL) ?
1. Hey John, how are you ?
2. Hey John Very Happy How is it going ? Razz

A2:The second ?
A1:NO! Do you use smileys in you RL ?
A1:WoW.. how did you know that ?....Yes... it is correct... What about now ?
Situation: You are a mechanic and your friend wants to know how to call you, what do you say ?
1.Type /service mechanic
2.Call me, my phone number is ****

A2:The second!
A1:Well done! Do you know why ?
A2:No... it was just a ranbom answer....
A1:Err... No more ranbom answers please... It is correct because.. DO YOU TYPE IN YOUR RL ???
A1:Good! Can we continue with the OOC ?

Here you can talk for everything.... You CAN use smileys and "lol", "rofl", "lmao", "stfu" etc...
And you can't metagame(You will see later what metagame is)
OOC is /b (local) /o(oc) (global) and /w(hisper) when you are far away... WHEN YOU ARE NEAR /W(HISPER) IS IC!

A2:Ok... What about Metagame ?
A1:Well... Metagame is when you say someone's name without having greet him/her ICly.
A2:WHAT?!? Why ? I can see his name above his head...
A1:Wow... Can you do that is your RL ?I want to do it too...
A1:As I said, in OOC there is NO metagame... you know their names in OOC.
A2:YAY I am learning! I am RPer!!!
A1:Well... You know the basics...
Now some Tips

Tip No1: Use a /me command to take out a gun(Ex.:/me takes out a Deagle from his back pocket)(DON'T take out a SMG from your back pocket... you can't)
Tip No2: Use as many /me cmds as you can(Ex.: /me fastens his seatbelt (/fs))
Tip No3: Have fun! For more help... ask me IG or the admins (ALWAYS say "thanks" to the admins... they are trying to help us all the time!)


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Re: Some OOC/IC help, Metagame help and some RP Tips

Post  minost_kyp on Sun May 25, 2008 11:31 am

Congratulation's Chris this is very good. Now the mafia member won't be non RP metagamers etc.

I hope so pig

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