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Trading rules. Empty Trading rules.

Post  Chris_Rebel on Tue May 20, 2008 9:06 pm

Gun trading rules

1. We do not walk on the streets asking if people need heat
2. If people come too you asking for heat without calling just walk away (we are no dog's)
3. If people call for heat they come too your chosen location (we are no doggies)
4. If you get spotted by cops just ask for help in team chat
5. If you are arrested with materials don't tell your real name
6. If you tell the buyer that you are member of the Gambino Family you are kicked and now a target of the Gambino.
7. Use hidden locations not in the open use backalley's or behind a building or a deserted area.

Drugs Dealing Rules

1. Don't walk on the street asking people if they need drugs.
2. If people ask you on the street just walk away
3. If cops chase you just surrender and give fake info
4. If people call. Don't let them chose location! They come to you
5. If you see other gangs trading drugs blast them (don't go in alone ask friends)
[Sorry we are not selling drugs anymore. Yours, Chris_Rebel]

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Trading rules. Gambino
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