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Post  Chris_Rebel on Thu May 22, 2008 11:55 pm

It all started from school.
Chris was a little child that though that killing is easy and when you die... you respawn(?!?!) like the games.
He made a school Gang and a school Police...That was a game for him...
When he grew up, his grandpa got arrested for Gun Dealings...
Chris was angry. He took his baseball bat and hit the cop that said him "Hey,child... Your grandpa is a sucker that sells guns.". He broke officer's nose. Then he dragged him in his house and took his guns....
Chris had a Desert Ealge, a night stick and a shotgun! He was scared so he left the shotgun under his bed, but he took the Desert Eagle and the night stick at work....
One of his friends caught him and said that he would call police...Chris took his night stick and hit his friend at his stomach, then he threw him through the window...His friend died!
Chris was criminal!
He came back at home and killed the cop with the broken nose...He took the shotgun and put it on his Scooter.
Armed with three guns he travelled to San Fierro.
There he was working as Hitman...He took much money so he would be able to move to Fort Carson...
There...He started with a Gang... Not many people were in... But suddenly another Gang attacked PD!
Of course the Gang lost and most of the members had no job after that....
So Chris' Gang became famous for the Gun Dealing...Then with so many members the Gang became Mafia at a city near Fort Carson named Blueberry...
Noone learnt Chris' lastname and stayed alive!
Then he changed name...
From Rebels he named the Mafia....
"Gambino Familia"

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