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Post  John_Walker on Sun May 25, 2008 6:47 pm

MEDIC/FIREMAN Department Application


1. You Must be 14 years of age to apply for los santos fire and rescue service and a maximum age of 40 this regulations are for the applicants own safety.

2. Any Criminal Convictions Must be made clear on the application if you are found to be convicted of any crime not on the application you are subject to Immediate discharge from the service and you are also subject to prosecution.

3. Education is a must for los santos fire and rescue you must have a high school degree or higher



How Would you Rate Your fitness Out Of 10, 1 Being the lowest


Are you willing to take a fitness test: Yes/No


What area would you like to Specialise In
Medical/Search And Rescue/Firefighter

Medical as I enjoy helping people and the public and giving hope to the community

How Is your Mental State?:

My mental state is at a good rest of art.I have experiance in helping people and making sure everyone has a good mental and social and fitness well being.I will do my duty as a medic to give it my best and help everyone out

Do You have any illnesses


Are you willing to go for a medical Exam?


Do you have any criminal convictions?


By signing Below you i admit the information i have given is truthfull to the best of my knowlege if any information is not true i am liable to prosecution

John_Walker Smile

Disclaimer: By signing this contract you agree to serve 2 months in the los santos fire and rescue if you decide to leave you will be liable to a heavy fine $1000 Per week you have not served

Yes I understand Cool


Do you have a microphone?


do you have teamspaek?


How is it a firefighter runs into a burning building when everyone else is running out?

Look out for risks that put me and the public in danger.After looked at the risks I can look for public injurys and help.I can then get firemen to put out the fire and check the area for more injurys or children.Then after it is safe return to duty study

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