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Post  Jimmy_Hernandez on Mon May 26, 2008 10:52 pm

We have chosen to make some changes into the faction things, what will we do?
We're going to split up factions into faction branches, what does that mean?

We take a faction, FBI.

We split it up into 3 different sections (All still in FBI):
Secret Services

Secret Services
Secret Services is the section who protects the Mayor, just a few bodyguards who help in big emergencies (Roadblocks etc.)

Communication is the section for creative people, when there is an emergency, for example, hostage situation. PD and SWAT etc. can call the FBI - Communication to make a plan.
They train on different scene's so they know exactly what to do in each situation.

ISAC is the section, who is almost always undercover, they only ain't undercover when they do some inside-desk-research in the FBI-HQ.
They get some connections with Mafia and other people so they can give out some information to the FBI (Dangerous job).

Everyone is still from the FBI investigation.
The leader is still the leader from the FBI, but under him are 3 group leaders, everyone has to train with his group and sometimes with everyone. They gotta be specialist in their professions.

We're going to do this with NG aswell.

- S.W.A.T.
- Airmen
- Soldiers/Guards

They handle in big event situations, I guess almost everyone knows what S.W.A.T. does eh?

Airmen help the other factions in the air, they are pro-pilots and follow the suspect in chase-situations and tell the PD etc. where the suspect is (FBI can help 'em with this).

They guard special places, help the city in case of war and terrorists etc.
They also guard the boarder and control people who want to cross the boarder (Fort Carson - Dillimore / Dillimore - Fort Carson).


- Medics
- Firemen

That must be all clear.

This means, when for example FBI is recruiting, it doesn't automaticly means the whole FBI is recruiting, they can only recruit for the section: Communication.

PD has to patrol in group of 2 when there are much officers online.

Thanks for reading, I hope you all understand.

Jimmy Hernandez

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